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Aquifer Test Toolbox Description

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Aquifer Test Features
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Aquifer Test Version 2.0
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Aquifer Test Toolbox Features

  • Pumping/Recovery Tests for confined and leaky aquifers.
  • Slug Tests for confined and unconfined aquifers.
  • Falling Head (WAFER) Tests for vertical hydraulic conductivity.
  • Variable Discharge Rate Test for confined aquifers.
  • Step Test for confined aquifers.
  • Single Boundary Test for aquifer with a barrier/recharge boundary.
  • Spreadsheet ease/customizability and graphical or automatic curve matching.
  • Easy "what-if" analysis of test data.
  • High-quality on-screen and printed output.

Aquifer Test Toolbox (ATT) is a series of powerful Excel workbooks containing worksheets, charts and macros designed to combine the ease of use, flexibility, user-customizability and power of spreadsheet technology with the rapid display and analysis of aquifer test data. The Aquifer Test Toolbox contains the most commonly-used aquifer test methods:

  • Theis and Jacob Confined Aquifer Methods
  • Walton and Hantush Inflection Leaky Aquifer Methods
  • Stallman Single Boundary Method (new in version 2.0)
  • Theis Regression and Curve Fit Methods
  • Hvorslev and Bouwer and Rice Methods
  • Hantush-Biershenk Step Drawdown Method (new in version 2.0)
  • Birsoy-Summers Variable Discharge Method
  • WAFER Falling Head Tests

Aquifer Test Toolbox Utilities

  • Calculates effective radius for some aquifer methods
  • Simple hydraulic conductivity estimator
  • Calculates Theis drawdown at a distance from a pumping well
  • Calculates Hantush drawdown at a distance from a pumping well
  • Simple water budget calculator using the Hamon method
  • Hydraulic conductivity estimator from step test data

Aquifer Test Toolbox workbooks are completely interactive with macro button data management and analysis assistants. Print the blank data entry forms and use in the field for data collection. Aquifer Test Toolbox combines all data, results and graphs in one highly functional report. Linear regression methods are automatic or completely interactive with supporting graphs and statistics provided to assist the analyst. Curve-matching methods are similar and include data point weighting and partial fitting. Aquifer Test Toolbox now includes several additional workbooks that provide additional tools for water budgets, double-packer testing, drawdown calculators and more.

Aquifer Test Toolbox uses both manual and automatic line and curve fitting methods with supporting graphs and statistics provided to assist the analyst and includes data point weighting and partial fitting where applicable. Aquifer Test Toolbox now supports up to 200 data points that can be pasted into the data entry forms. The Excel Sampling Tool allows users to subset data quickly before inputting the data into the Aquifer Test Toolbox data entry forms. Data sets can also be saved into small Excel files and imported into the Aquifer Test Toolbox worksheets for later analysis.

All data are logically grouped on the worksheets, whether for data entry or test analysis. The worksheets are not permanently password-protected so that many sheet elements can be edited by the user with care. Graphs are completely editable with all the customizability of Microsoft Excel. Users can add additional worksheets to produce custom reports if necessary. Users can print the blank data entry forms and use them for field data collection.

Changes in the release of Version 2.0 of Aquifer Test Toolbox are:

  • Smaller workbook file sizes - less disk space required.
  • Faster calculation and operation through use of Visual Basic for Applications (Excel) instead of Excel 4.0 macros.
  • A new curve-fitting algorithm that is simpler and faster than the Solver algorithm in Excel.
  • New simplified button controls that toggle between various options.
  • On-sheet button Help controls on-sheet Help screens.
  • Color or monochrome printing options for both color and monochrome printers.
  • A new pump test worksheet for single boundary conditions (Method of Images).
  • A new worksheet for Theis recovery type curve fitting for transmissivity and storage.
  • A new worksheet for step pump test analysis with up to six steps.
  • A new, user-interactive curve-fitting technique for Theis' method.
  • Improved and expanded documentation.
  • New, small utility worksheets ('tools') to assist users.

Aquifer Test Toolbox Requirements

Windows: Excel 6.0 or higher, 4 MB RAM (8 MB and math coprocessor recommended). Macintosh: System 7.0 or later, Excel 6.0, at least 3.6 MB RAM available for Excel, 68020 or newer CPU (math coprocessor recommended). Power Macs require an additional megabyte of free RAM for best performance.

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