TR-20 - hydrologic software to model the rainfall-runoff process

TR-20 Description


WMS includes a comprehensive interface to the TR-20 hydrologic program used by many hydrologic engineers to model the rainfall-runoff process. The interface has been created in such a way that models can be built from TINs used to delineate basin boundaries and compute geometric data or by manually constructing a series of outlets and basins to form a topologic representation of the watershed. When a TIN is used, the topologic model is automatically constructed as outlets are added and basins defined. Also, any geometric parameters computed by WMS are supplied to corresponding TR-20 input fields. .


TR-20 parameters are edited from a master dialog. This dialog allows the user access to the several user-friendly dialogs including the channel data dialog used to specify desired options. WMS allows the user to define the main TR-20 options such as the RUNOFF, REACH, RESVOR, and DIVERT cards. Composite curve numbers and basin times of concentration can be computed automatically.


Once a TR-20 model has been defined, the TR-20 model checker can be run to try and identify potential problems in the data prior to actually running the TR-20 model. The model checker provides several hints (although it does not guarantee a successful run or that the answers will be correct) for correcting the data prior to running TR-20.


TR-20 can be launched from within WMS and after completion, hydrographs can be displayed on the TIN, the topologic model, and blown up within the hydrograph window

tr-20_5 tr-20_6

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